You're unique! - Look natural! People you care about like you the way you are. Our job is to help.

A portrait is a people picture - you, your children, loved ones, friends. Formal or relaxed, whatever you are comfortable with.

1) STUDIO - A shoot with studio flash & backgrounds. Just bring a change of comfortable clothes & maybe a favorite item.

2) HOME - We can photograph you & your family, using an attractive part of your home, or with a favorite possession. We can use lights or the natural light in your home.

3) LIFESTYLE - Is about being photographed doing what you enjoy, just being comfortable, almost anywhere - often outdoors, in the countryside, city or industrial setting.

Click on these links (Families. Children. Individuals.) to see some pictures from our recent shoots.

4) LOOK UNIQUE! We can provide a specialist make-up/make over service, for portrait, weddings or ‘performing arts’. Talk to us, we like a challenge.

Click here to see some recent examples.

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